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The Story of God with Morgan Freeman



The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

Season 3

Thursdays at 9.30pm Channel 072

In its third season, THE STORY OF GOD WITH MORGAN FREEMAN continues to explore the impact of religion on the human journey by examining the aspects of faith – or lack thereof – that shape us daily. With Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman as a guide, audiences are transported to some of the world’s holiest sites to investigate the similarities of religious principles across faiths and their impact on the world. Morgan’s curiosities drive him to explore some of the most pressing religious questions – Do people among us embody the divine? Is there a way to overcome our sins? Are morals still instructed by God’s commandments?  From “Satan’s Throne” in Turkey to the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem to the United Kingdom’s Diwali celebration, Morgan ventures to sites around the world to search for answers.