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Henry Danger, The Musical



Henry Danger, The Musical


Friday 29 November - 5.30pm Channel 101

Get your pipes warmed up for an epic Friday night with an hour-long special, Henry Danger The Musical!
In a series first, everyone’s favourite masked superheroes (and the entirety of Swellview!) will break into song after villain Frankini (Frankie Grande) uses a device to put a musical curse over the town. The curse leaves Kid Danger and Captain Man forced to sing and dance through their rescue plans. But, when Captain Man cracks under the pressure, it’s up to Kid Danger to remind him how to be a hero again. Can the duo save the day?
Fans can listen to the official Henry Danger The Musical Original Soundtrack on Spotify or Apple Music, or purchase on iTunes.
About Henry Danger
Henry Hart is a teenager with a secret identity working as the apprentice to superhero Captain Man. Known as Kid Danger when he’s saving the world, Henry leads a double life and must balance the challenges of school and being a teen with the crazy adventures of a crime fighter. In the United States, Henry Danger The Musical was the highest rating episode of the longstanding, five-season series, to date.