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I Am Frankie



I Am Frankie


Season 2

Mondays to Fridays from 18 February - 5.30pm Channel 101

Meet Frankie Gaines (Alex Hook), she looks just like any other teenager but harbours a big secret… she functions as a high-tech computer, complete with internet access, extensive memory and more! Launching this February,

I Am Frankie is the story of a cutting edge, experimental android (Frankie) who has to navigate the perils and wonders of being a teenager.

After escaping from a tech company to avoid being used for evil purposes, Frankie enrols at a local high school in an attempt to pass as a typical teenager. Despite having an inside full of wires and circuits, Frankie adapts well, bonding with her new best friend Dayton (Nicole Alyse Nelson) while juggling homework and dealing with crushes, all while keeping her true identity a secret.

In the first ever episode, I am…a Gaines, Frankie starts her first day of school. Suspicion soon arises when her classmates question her victory during a maths competition. To complicate things even further, Frankie’s wiring goes haywire as she starts experiencing human emotion. How long can she keep her true identity a secret?