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The Bureau of Magical Things



The Bureau of Magical Things


Brand New Series!

Mondays to Thursdays from 2 September - 7.30pm Channel 101

Discover a world full of magic with the enchanting new live-action series The Bureau of Magical Things, premiering this September. 
Created by award-winning Australian television producer Jonathan M. Shiff (H2O: Just Add Water), and filmed on the Gold Coast in Queensland, the series combines magic, mystery, and a unique mythology to tell the story of Kyra, an ordinary teenage girl who is caught in a clash between an elf and a fairy and becomes magically transformed. 
As a “Tri-ling” (part human, part fairy, and part elf) Kyra teams with a group of magical teenagers and learns to use her newfound powers to keep the human world safe from the surprising, funny, and sometimes dangerous effects of magical chaos. When these young guardians uncover a threat, humans, fairies, and elves must unite to save both their worlds!
In the premiere episode, A Magical Mishap, ordinary teenager Kyra, touches a mysterious book and is transformed into a Tri-ling! In addition to acquiring amazing magical powers, Kyra discovers a secret world of magic all around her.