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Becca's Bunch



Becca's Bunch


Weekdays from 18 November - 11.45am Channel 104

Discover Nick Jr.’s brand new preschool series, Becca’s Bunch, featuring Becca, a little bird who embarks on big adventures and solves problems with her animal friends.
In the series premiere, Beddy, Set, Go / Mayor for a Day, Pedro decides to have a nap rather than race Casper and Jasper, so Becca turns Pedro’s bed into a go-cart and requests for the race to begin! Then in the second part of the episode, Becca volunteers to be Mayor for the Day and answers everyone’s requests with a “yes,” wreaking havoc on Wagtail Woods. What will Becca and her bunch do to ensure “all’s good in the Woods”?
About Becca’s Bunch:
Becca is a little bird with a big appetite for adventure. She loves helping her Wagtail neighbours. Though she sometimes bites off more than she can chew, Becca knows that with her friends Russell, Sylvia, and Pedro by her side, nothing is impossible!
Becca’s Bunch is an innovative mixed-technique animated series featuring handmade puppet characters. The series teaches preschoolers about problem-solving, kindness and empathy.