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Sunny Day



Sunny Day


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Pre-schoolers will be smiling and styling with Sunny and her friends in Nick Jr.’s brand new series, Sunny Day.

Entrepreneur Sunny is the best hairstylist in her seaside town of Friendly Falls. When adventure calls, Sunny sets out to save the day with her can-do attitude and her salon-on-the-go, the Glam Van. Sunny uses creative problem-solving to tackle any dilemma that arises and has fun along the way.

In the first ever episode, Friendship Day, Sunny’s best friend, her talking dog named Doodle, mistakenly believes Sunny has forgotten him on Friendship Day and goes out in search of a new friend. When Doodle is captured by Scratch, the Dog Catcher, Sunny will stop at nothing to get her friend back!

Sunny Day celebrates individuality and self-expression while the show’s social-emotional curriculum highlights leadership, innovative thinking and teamwork!