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DC Crossover Event: Elseworlds


EP_Sky 5_DC Crossover Event_December 2018

DC Crossover Event: Elseworlds

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New Zealand Premiere

Monday 17 - Wednesday 20 December 6.00pm Channel 005

Taking place over three epic nights Elseworlds will see the casts of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, crossover in an adventure to Gotham City, where they’ll meet Batwoman, the first leading lesbian Superhero (Ruby Rose) and even meet Lois Lane herself (Bitsie Tulloch)!                

Elseworlds: The Flash                   Monday 17th December, 6pm

Elseworlds: Arrow                        Tuesday 18th December, 6pm

Elseworlds: Supergirl                   Wednesday 20th December, 6pm