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Prison: First & Last 24 Hours S1


EP_Sky 5_Prison First & Last 24 Hours_February 2019

Prison: First & Last 24 Hours S1

EP_Sky 5_Prson First and Last 24 Hours_Primary

New Zealand Premiere

Tuesdays 9.30pm Channel 005

The beginning and end of a life behind bars. For any convicted criminal two of the most important days, and often the most difficult, are their first and last in prison. Both of these pivotal 24-hour periods bring with them fear, anticipation and a concern about what the future holds.


This series explores the significance of these days, having gained unprecedented access to four prisons, and produces a brutally honest and riveting account of what prisoners are thinking and feeling as their life is about to change. In each episode, we meet four prisoners who are about to arrive and depart from a variety of Scotland's prisons, including open prisons and the country’s largest jail at Barlinnie.