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Montana Wild


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Montana Wild

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New Zealand Premiere

Saturdays 10.30pm Channel 005

Rugged mountains, dense conifer forests, glaciers, lakes and rivers; when it comes to nature, Montana is definitely one of the wildest American states. Yet, some people know the area better than anyone. Hunters, trappers or ranchers, they live where none of us could even imagine spending one day.


Montana Wild portrays the daily life of Rick, a wild game hunter who knows south of Montana like the back of his hand.  Scott and Suzy, who settled close to Idaho border, in the middle of nowhere. To access their wooden house, you have to travel 10 miles on a snowy path starting from the little road that leads to Jackson and its 23 residents. And finally, Jerry, a seasoned trapper, so respected in the “Madison Valley” that no one dares approaching the lands he set his traps!