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Beware the Slenderman

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Beware the Slenderman

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Wednesday 25 January 8.30pm Channel 010

It was a small-town story that horrified America: two 12-year-old girls lured a friend into the Waukesha woods, where they proceeded to stab her 19 times in an effort to appease a faceless mythical entity known online as “Slenderman.” But there’s more to the story than the dark headlines it generated. A sobering documentary that delves deep into the story behind this shocking crime, Beware the Slenderman examines how an Internet urban myth could take root in impressionable young minds, leading to an unspeakable act. Directed by Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky, the film interweaves an eerie array of Slenderman-inspired art, games and self-produced video culled from the Internet, along with heart-wrenching access to the two girls’ families, courtroom testimony, expert interviews, and interrogation-room footage to cover all sides of this unusual case. Ultimately, Beware the Slenderman reveals how adolescent isolation, mental health, and the nebulous nature of the Internet helped create a dangerous mandate for two young girls, with life-altering consequences for everyone involved.