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Enlightened S1-2


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Enlightened S1-2

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SUNDAYS FROM 17 JUNE 7.30PM Channel 009

Meet the new face of tranquillity.

An ambitious corporate executive, Amy Jellicoe has succeeded despite the fact she can be her own worst enemy. After a series of self-destructive choices leads to a very public, humiliating nervous breakdown, Amy spends three months at a treatment centre in Hawaii, where she learns to live a more enlightened existence. Upon returning home, however, she discovers her new passionate and honest outlook isn't accepted by her family, friends and co-workers, notably her mom, Helen, with whom Amy now lives, and her drug-addicted ex-husband, Levi. Immersed in a more complicated life, Amy must decide what's really important to her.


“The most interesting and ambitious series... you can’t really reckon it by anything else on television” – The LA Times

“It’s exhilarating to watch” – AV Club

“Oscillating actively between comedy and drama, tranquillity and anger, humanism and satire - held together, for every frame of every episode, by the virtuosic rampaging of its star”- Slant Magazine


Starring Laura Dern (Big Little Lies), Luke Wilson (Roadies), Diane Ladd (Chesapeake Shores).


Season 1 box set starts Sunday 17th June

Season 2 box set starts Sunday 24th June