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Game of Thrones SoHo Viewers' Choice


EP_SoHo_Game of Thrones SoHo Viewers' Choice_Mar 19

Game of Thrones SoHo Viewers' Choice


MONDAYS FROM 4 MARCH 8.30PM Channel 010

Game of Thrones is coming and SKY wants you to be a part of the build-up up to the final season! From the Rains of Castamere to The Battle of the Bastards, we’re going to let you vote on which episodes you want to see in the lead up to the Season 8 premiere. Murderous weddings, epic battles and bloody duels are all on the cards, with two episodes facing off each week for you to decide on. Voting is open Wednesday’s 2pm for 24 hours on Facebook and Instagram stories then watch the winning episode the following Monday at 8:30pm.


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