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Game of Thrones S7



Game of Thrones S7


The words of House Stark finally ring true as Game of Thrones returns for its penultimate season. Winter has come.

The end of Season 6 left us with Westeros on the precipice. With the destruction of all her enemies in Kings Landing, Cersei has taken the Iron Throne for herself and reigns as Queen. Cersei and her brother Jaime must now come to terms with their shattered family and her actions, which echoed the intentions of the very Mad King that Jaime forsook his vows to slay. However, gathering forces across the Narrow Sea could spell trouble for the remnants of the Lannister dynasty. Daenerys Targaryen is finally returning home to claim the Iron Throne, at the head of a powerful alliance and backed by three fully grown dragons. Pledged to Daenerys as her Hand, Tyrion now faces the prospect of outright war with his own siblings.

Meanwhile the backdrop to all this is the final struggle brewing in the North, the Great War to end all others. Jon and Sansa have retaken Winterfell for the Stark family in time to face the looming threat of the Night King, whose terrible armies threaten not only the North, but all of Westeros.

Starring Peter Dinklage (Nip/Tuck), Lena Headey (The Purge), Emilia Clarke (Me Before You), Kit Harrington (7 Days in Hell) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Black Hawk Down).