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Picnic At Hanging Rock


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Picnic At Hanging Rock

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SUNDAY FROM 13 MAY 8.30PM Channel 010

Dangerous secrets. Sex and murder. Love and death. Beauty and cruelty.

On Valentine’s Day, 1900, a group of schoolgirls from Appleyard Ladies College picnic at the infamous Hanging Rock. As the sun beats down and the picnic progresses, three girls and their governess explore the rock only to mysteriously disappear in the Australian wilderness. A vast narrative, it explores the spreading stain of an unsolved mystery. Theories abound, secrets are exposed and hysteria sets in, until, eventually, the lives of the students and staff of Appleyard College and their enigmatic and formidable headmistress unravel.

An eccentric mansion, built with gold-rush winnings out at the edge of nowhere. A cast of relatable characters, twisting in a furnace of reinvention. A magnificent female antagonist, a handsome young hero, a rebellious young heroine. Each episode pieces together the events that led to the disappearance. Pivotal moments are revisited, creating fresh suspicions, revealing new layers. The stakes are high. The clock is ticking. But time plays tricks in this trailblazing reimagining of Joan Lindsay’s timeless novel.

Starring Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones), Lily Sullivan (Romper Stomper), Yael Stone (Orange Is The New Black) and Samara Weaving (SMILF).