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Ray Donovan S5


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Ray Donovan S5

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BOX SET BEGINS 25 NOVEMBER 9.45am Channel 010

Ray Donovan, a professional ‘fixer’ for LA’s rich and famous, can make anyone’s problems disappear
except those created by his own family.

The fifth season of this revered show kicks off with Susan Sarandon joining the cast as legendary media
mogul Samantha Winslow. A powerful figure, Winslow taps the services of Ray and sets him against her
own fixers, fearing that may know too much. Ray is also tasked with protecting a beautiful young star, or
rather the interests of the multi-billion dollar movie franchise she is tied to. Meanwhile, Ray’s father Mickey
is overjoyed to at last be welcomed into Ray’s home and swears to finally mend his criminal ways,
promising to change for the better.

The Donovan family emerged from last season battered, but defiant and in a better place. Will this fragile
peace survive Ray’s latest plunge into the depths of Hollywood’s underbelly?

Starring Liev Schreiber (The Manchurian Candidate), Paula Malcomson (Sons of Anarchy), Eddie Marsan
(War Horse), Jon Voight (24), Lili Simmons (Banshee) and Susan Sarandon (Feud).