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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?



90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?


Season 4

Available On Demand Channel 016

90 Day Fiancé is the fascinating and highly addictive reality show where six foreigners entering the US on fiancé visas have just 90 days to get married or leave the country. 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? sees six couples look back on their life-changing 90 day journey to reveal whether or not the honeymoon period is over and if the American dream lives up to their expectations. Spoiler alert: this show may be called Happily Ever After but for some of our couples that couldn't be further from the truth. Saying “I do” was just the beginning; many painful realities and unexpected obstacles await as they navigate cultural differences, pregnancies, in-laws, scandals and more.

This seasons couples include: Chantel & Pedro - a physical confrontation between Pedro and Chantel’s family left their marriage in shambles and now he’s returning to the Dominican Republic. Will Chantel’s decision to go after her husband be enough to save their marriage, or will she uncover more chaos? Colt & Larissa - tensions have been high between Cthe couple ever since Larissa was arrested just two days before their wedding. Larissa’s trial date is fast approaching and Colt hopes to make peace, but if she’s found guilty, she could be deported. Ashley & Jay - after falling for each other on her trip to Jamaica, Jay ditched his playboy lifestyle to marry Ashley…or has he? Ashley’s trust is tested when she discovers her much younger husband is liaising with women on a dating app. Russ & Paola – the new parents have been living their Miami lives to the fullest and decide that it might be time to finally attempt to heal the divide between Paola and her in-laws. Elizabeth & Andrei - Elizabeth’s controlling father has set the expecting couple up with rent-free housing while Andrei works on securing a steady job, but when the bills start piling up and Elizabeth’s family refuses to back off, Andrei inches closer and closer to his boiling point. Nicole & Azan - after postponing their wedding to open a business instead, Nicole’s tourist Visa expired, and she had no choice but to return to Florida where she’s sleeping on a family member’s couch while still sending Azan money. With her plans to reunite with him on a Caribbean island soon, will Nicole’s family finally be able to convince her that Azan may simply be exploiting her before it is too late?