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Body Bizarre



Body Bizarre


Season 5

Fridays from 7 December at 9.25pm Channel 016

Body Bizarre crisscrosses the globe to tell the stories of people suffering from rare anomalies. Some of these conditions have left the medical world baffled, while others require surgery so intricate and demanding that the odds of survival are minimal. Working with world-renowned doctors, experts and organisations, each individual will share first-hand accounts of their experiences as they try to live their lives as near to normal as possible.

This season, we’ll hear the stories of: Hashmot Ali from Bangladesh, whose face was attacked by a tiger more than 20 years ago and hopes to restore his features; Shreya Darji from India, who has an infestation of ants nested in her drum canal; a Brazilian family who all have an unusual feature in common – they all have six fingers on their hands; Piotr Kowalski from Poland, who has become the world’s first ever recipient of a donor hand, and more.

Through personal interviews and a look at the science behind their ailments, Body Bizarre provides a diverse perspective of the unknown while unveiling humanity at its best. Their afflictions are rare and mysterious, but with modern medicine and the power of love they fight back. These are stories of astonishing human courage, and powerful passion for life.