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Body Bizarre



Body Bizarre


Season 6B

Fridays from 1 November at 9:25pm Channel 016

Body Bizarre travels the globe to discover the medical cases that leave even the experts baffled. Along the way, from the banks of the Amazon to major Western cities, we uncover stories of people suffering from rare and shocking conditions, often requiring complex and life-threatening surgery. With the dedication of medical teams, the love of family and friends and an unquenchable desire to survive, these individuals fight the odds to live lives as near to normal as possible. Featuring stories like a 3 year-old British girl whose lower legs are twisted the wrong way round, a boy in India whose heart is on the outside of his rib cage, a singer with a basketball size tumour on his face, young brothers who suffer from a mystery syndrome which has aged them by 50 years, and a man with a rare stomach disorder that means his body is eating itself, each episode shares their powerful stories and intriguing medical conditions while unveiling humanity at its very best.