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Counting On



Counting On


Season 4

Thursdays at 9.25pm Channel 016

Counting On follows the lives of the Duggar children as they deal with life’s challenges, including starting out on their own and raising families. This season Jinger and Jeremy prepare to welcome their first child, a baby girl, but as the due date approaches, Jinger nervously recalls her sisters’ long labours and big babies. Then, once back home in Laredo with their beautiful daughter Felicity, she and Jeremy must learn how to navigate being new parents. Meanwhile, John David and Abbie are beginning a new chapter of their lives after a whirlwind courtship and an aviation-themed proposal! As the couple settles on a date for their nuptials in just a few short months, they enlist the seasoned help of Jana and family friend, Laura, who begin to coordinate the event for 1,000 guests. Josiah and Lauren are the epitome of newlyweds as they go chaperone-free during a romantic honeymoon in Austria, where they tour iconic sights from The Sound of Music. All the Duggars are busier than ever with new babies, new milestones and new plans. It’s anyone's guess who will make the next big announcement in this big family!