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Long Island Medium



Long Island Medium


Season 8

Sundays from 2 February at 7:30pm Channel 016

Proclaimed psychic medium Theresa Caputo is back to share more heart-warming, and sometimes heartbreaking, readings that fans have come to love over the years in the new season of Long Island Medium. With big hair and a big personality, Theresa isn’t shy when approaching individuals when led by spirit to tell them news that will ultimate make the world of difference to connecting the past with the present. This season, Theresa is giving emotional readings to some very shocked celebrities. Television icon Kelsey Grammer is movingly reunited with several family members, including his sister who was brutally murdered. Theresa then helps The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper, a recent heart attack survivor, learn how his life may have been saved by a deceased parent. Later, Sugar Ray front man Mark McGrath is relieved to hear from his father that he made the right decisions leading up to his death. Finally, This is Us star Chrissy Metz receives validations from her grandmother that are both intense and occasionally hilarious.