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My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding



My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding


Season 6

Wednesdays from 6 March at 9.25pm Channel 016

From the most extravagant wedding gowns to explosive celebrations and the madness that follows, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding returns to TLC to delve deeper into the lives of America's most elusive communities – the world of Romanichal and Roma gypsies. The series explores the unique and ancient traditions that have shaped and defined the Gypsy community for hundreds of years. From coming of age parties, to arranged marriages, to purification ceremonies, and a Veil of Darkness wedding ritual, take a closer look into the customs and superstitions, vital to the survival of this mysterious culture. This season, with the help of Sondra Celli, America's leading gypsy designer, our bride's will walk down the aisle in some of the biggest and bling-tastic dresses to date.

In the first episode, gypsy Cearia is set to marry gorger (non-gypsy) fiancé Sam, however she soon finds herself in a love triangle when her gypsy cousin Kyle says they belong together! Mum Angie plans a birthday party for her daughter Jewel to find a gypsy husband, but Jewel is secretly seeing a gorger.