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My 600LB Life: One Ton Family



My 600LB Life: One Ton Family


Tuesdays from 11 December at 8.30pm Channel 016

For the Perrio siblings, battling obesity has become a family trait. Clarence Perrio is the only one mobile enough to provide basic care for his sisters Roshanda and Brandie, and all three are facing life-threating health issues. My 600LB Life: One Ton Family chronicles the siblings’ weight loss journeys to transform their lives. With their futures fading, the trio makes the trip to Houston to meet Dr. Nowzaradan, and the taxing journey leads Roshanda and Brandie to be hospitalised. Brandie undergoes surgery and faces a daunting recovery, while Roshanda battles losing a significant amount of her own 800-pound (362 kilogram) weight before she can even qualify for surgical help. Meanwhile, Clarence worries if his surgery takes the focus off of Brandie's needs and debates whether or not he can go through with an operation.