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Oprah's Life Class


Oprah's Life Class


Sundays 9.30pm Channel 016

In this all new series, Oprah reaches back through the 25 year history of The Oprah Winfrey Show to teach the lessons that matter most to her.

From discussing the power of ego, letting go of anger, and finding your true calling in life, these inspiring hour-long episodes are genuine food for the soul, broken down into lessons to help make your life better, happier, bigger, richer and more fulfilling.

In each hour long episode, Oprah reveals what she was really thinking during some of the “Oprah” show’s most memorable episodes, sharing her most personal revelations and what she’s never been able to say before about those iconic show moments and guests. Featuring Dr Phil and Lyana Vanzant, Oprah’s Life Class draws on some of the former talk show hosts biggest a-ha! moments.