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Return to Amish



Return to Amish


Season 4

Wednesdays from 4 April at 9:25pm Channel 016

Return to Amish returns with new goals and new dilemmas as Jeremiah, Abe, Rebecca, Mary, Kate, and Sabrina continue to navigate life, balancing their Amish values and community with ‘new world’ freedoms. This season, Mary finds herself at a crossroads when an Amish elder denies her access to her own father’s funeral and her shunning creates unforeseen conflicts with the community. Sabrina is pregnant with her second child and in a renewed custody battle for her daughter, Oakley. With the strain of the situation bearing down on her, Sabrina is lost without the support of the others.


Newlyweds Jeremiah and Carmela find themselves struggling with their marriage as they try to move cross country to Florida and start their own family, when a potential danger puts their entire life savings at risk. Now that their children are in daycare and school, Rebecca wants to use her newfound free time to return to school and get her GED and potentially look for a job in the dental field. Unfortunately, her desire to finish school and work does not sit well with Abe.


With the group more splintered than ever, can Mary bring everyone back together as the strong family they once were?