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Say Yes To The Dress UK



Say Yes To The Dress UK



Wednesdays from 18 December at 7:30pm Channel 016

Say Yes to the Dress UK eavesdrops on Confetti and Lace, a bridal store in Essex. David Emmanuel – famous for designing Princess Diana’s wedding dress in 1981 – is on hand to help, the consultants work with stressed out brides to find the perfect gown for the most important day of their lives. Every appointment has its challenges; there’s the picky bride for whom nothing is good enough, the mum who wants to live vicariously through her daughter, the entourage who think they know better than the bride herself, the brother who’s paying for the dress and wants to have input, or the bride who wants to show off a little more than her friends and family would like. Whatever the story, there are always laughs and drama to be had in this high stake’s environment.