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Sweet Home Sextuplets



Sweet Home Sextuplets


Thursdays from 12 September at 9.25pm Channel 016

Sweet Home Sextuplets follows the tight-knit Waldrop family, who live on a sheep farm in small town Alabama. Parents Eric and Courtney tried to have one more baby and got the shock of their lives when they discovered Courtney was actually pregnant with sextuplets! In the first episode, Courtney’s best friend Emily helps plan a gender reveal 5k race to help raise money for the soon-to-be super-sized family of 11. The community rallies to help, as Courtney’s on strict bed-rest and needs to be admitted to hospital for 24-hour monitoring. Spending as much time as possible with her three boys Saylor, and twins Bridge and Wales, fears increase around complications that could arise with the birth. They have many hurdles to get through, but they have their faith, their community, and each other.