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Untold Stories of the ER



Untold Stories of the ER


Season 13

Fridays from 3 January at 8:30pm Channel 016

Untold Stories of the ER pulls back the curtain to expose more outrageous medical situations that need to be seen to be believed. In an environment where everything can change as quickly as the rip of a Band-Aid, prepare to witness the true, dramatic nature of medicine practiced under pressure - where nothing about the situation is routine and doctors have mere seconds to answer life-or-death questions.  Each episode features emergency physicians revisiting the cases they weren't exactly taught in med school and highlights how a doctor's personal blend of expertise, coolness under fire, and decision-making ability are challenged by unpredictable circumstances. Breaking open the secret world of emergency rooms, doctors and patients retell their greatest moments. In the first episode, a teenage girl is impaled through the neck on an iron fence; a patient is convinced he's turning into a vampire; and in order to save the life of a critically ill pregnant woman, a first-year attending physician has to stand up to a room full of senior specialists.