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Airplane Repo



Airplane Repo

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Season 2

Mondays at 9.25pm Channel 075

In the new season of Airplane Repo, follow the team of repossession agents hired by financial institutions to recover aircrafts (and occasionally other high-value assets) from across America from owners who have fallen behind on their payments. In the first episode, Ken Cage and former bounty hunter Danny Thompson are on the hunt for a two-million-dollar Citation CJ – but this recovery mission doesn’t exactly go to plan. With one of their biggest paydays hanging in the balance, an encounter with a questionable businessman could spell trouble for the agents. Aviation Repo Specialist Mike Kennedy takes on one of the most ambitious repos of his career, enlisting the help of a veteran fighter pilot and a fighter jet pilot to help pull of the heist! Throughout the season, the agents employ some clever thinking and use covert tactics to be successful in their mission to recover prized jets that are on dangerous terrain and safely get them back to home base. Exotic animals, monster trucks and swamp lands are all in a day’s work when repossessing airplanes with a lot of value and a lot of stories to tell.