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Brake Room



Brake Room

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Thursdays from 20 June at 9.25pm Channel 075

Start your engines motor enthusiasts, because we’re putting the pedal to the metal in Discovery Turbo’s new motor game show Brake Room, in which celebrity contestants try to predict what happens in the craziest viral videos from the motor world. Comedian and unapologetic sports nut Nick Stevens hosts the series and pits gearheads against each other to test their motor knowledge in the hopes of winning the alluring ‘mystery box’. This season features the likes of master car builder Jesse James, Deadliest Catch’s Sean Dwyer, Moonshiners’ Tim Smith and Josh Owens, as well as extreme stuntman ‘Wee Man’ of the popular Jackass franchise. From four-wheel fails to two-wheel triumphs, this series brings the fun, excitement and downright ridiculousness you won’t want to miss. Double episodes weekly.