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Flipping Ships



Flipping Ships

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Mondays from 6 January at 7.30pm Channel 075

Edwin McCain’s passion for music took him straight to the Top 10 and now he’s charting new territory with a quirky band of gearheads on a mission to save beaten down boats left for dead in Flipping Ships. Set sail to Greenville, South Carolina, where Edwin and the Boats Have Souls restoration crew perform acts of nautical salvation. Will their passion for fixing and flipping these lovable money pits pay off or will they go down with the ship? In the first episode, Ed is faced with the challenge of building a custom houseboat for a large family with a small budget, and the crew strikes gold with a rare ‘70s Yukon Delta. Will they be able to breathe new life into this old houseboat? Don’t miss the show that brings a whole new meaning to rock the boat.