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Restoration Garage



Restoration Garage


Season 5

Saturdays from 10 August at 7.30pm Channel 075

Rev up your engines for a new season of Restoration Garage starring the world’s hottest rides and wildest cars. Car restoration and customisation is a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide. And everybody who brings their car to The Guild of Automotive Restorers has the same dream, as David Grainger and his team rebuilds the most beautiful, expensive and coolest cars.  Whether it's a rare vintage Lancia, in for a complete restoration or a '67 Chevy booked for "go faster" stripes, every driver wants to be behind that wheel as soon as possible and turn every head on the road. This season, David visits his friend Tim “The Hapi Hipi” to explore his incredible car collection that is spread throughout three garages; The Guild is desperately searching for more mechanics; David and Janice meet a ton of interesting people and cars during Monterey Car Week; And The Guild guys plan a special surprise for David by completing the restoration on his 1953 aircraft carrier tug.