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London Kills



London Kills


Mondays from 18 November at 9.30pm Channel 007

The world’s most exciting city is the backdrop for each of the murders investigated by an elite murder squad. This specialist group is headed by hugely experienced Detective Inspector David Bradford. He has just come back to work after compassionate leave – his wife has been missing for three months. 

David’s team comprises of ambitious Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole who plays by her own rules, season crime-solver Detective Constable Rob Brady and inexperienced Trainee Detective Constable Billie Fitzgerald. 

As the detectives solve each murder case – the staged suicide of an MP’s son, the mysterious death of a man on his stag night, a killing on a house-boat, a woman’s body washed up by the Thames, and the stabbing of one of David’s own team – the one case the D.I. can’t solve is the one most personal to him. Where is his wife? David’s emotional turmoil increases when, at the end of episode one, his wife’s bag is found at a murder victim’s home – how on earth did it get there? And does this mean that she’s alive or dead? 

Starring: Hugo Speer (The Full Monty, Father Brown, The Musketeers), Sharon Small (About a Boy, Dear Frankie, Mistresses), Bailey Patrick (Hard Time Bus, Kicking Off)