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The World According To Kids


EP_Vibe_The World According To Kids_Feb 18

The World According To Kids


New Zealand Premiere

Sundays 7.30pm Channel 006

What would the world look like if we could see it through the eyes of children? And what would it teach us about their lives and our own? Find out in this entertaining and groundbreaking series.
This funny, moving and thought-provoking series takes a unique snapshot of the world as seen through the eyes of children and told in their own words. Devised with the assistance of child experts, it is a remarkable insight into what really goes on in a child’s mind. Each self-contained episode sees a small group of youngsters interacting with each other as they explore issues that affect all children, regardless of age, background, class or upbringing. The children, aged between five and 11 years old, focus on solving a task or problem, bringing their own brand of logic to a variety of topics including ‘Love and Hate’, ‘Right and Wrong’, ‘Fear and Danger’, and ‘Who Am I and Who Will I Be?’. Action cameras worn by the children themselves ensure we really do see things from their viewpoint as the themes play out in their lives beyond the group.