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Cyclists: Scourge of the Streets


EP_VIBE_Cyclists: Scourge of the Streets_Jan 2020

Cyclists: Scourge of the Streets

EP_VIBE_Cyclists Scourge of the Street_Primary

New Zealand Premiere

Friday 24 Jan 8.30pm Channel 005

More of people than ever are choosing to cycle rather than drive, but more wheels on the ground means more tension between cyclists and motorists.

Are all cyclists rule–breakers and road–hoggers, not adhering to the same laws as everyone else? Or do motorists themselves have as much to answer for when it comes to being a scourge on the streets?

Meeting everyone from the cabbies of London who feel like they’re being pushed out of their own back yard, to the residents of leafy Surrey who no longer feel safe to drive on the local roads, to crusading cyclists patrolling the UK’s highways and byways, and the police trying to crackdown on misbehaving motorists. Tensions between two and four wheels have never been more fraught.