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Dark Angel S1


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Dark Angel S1

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Channel Premiere

Mondays from 11 March 8.30pm Channel 006

Dark Angel dramatises the events that drew a troubled woman ever deeper into a career of casual murder. Her chosen means were her good looks, sexual allure, and the dirty secret of nineteenth-century suspicious deaths: arsenic, which is tasteless and easily disguised in a cup of tea. Mary Ann did tempt fate by taking out a modest insurance policy on her intended victims whenever possible, but she inadvertently hit on the major success strategies of a serial killer: keep moving, be charming, and exude self-confidence.

Golden Globe-winner and three-time Emmy nominee Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey), plays the notorious Victorian poisoner Mary Ann Cotton. Froggatt is joined by an exceptional cast, including Alun Armstrong (Little Dorrit, Bleak House) as Mary Anns stepfather, Mr. Stott; Thomas Howes (Downton Abbey) as her husband number two, George; Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood) as her long-time lover, Joe; Sam Hoare (Jane Eyre) as husband number three, James; and Laura Morgan (The Hollow Crown) as her best friend, Maggie.