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Frankie Drake Mysteries S2


EP_Vibe_Frankie Drake Mysteries_July 2019

Frankie Drake Mysteries S2

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New Zealand Premiere

Fridays 7.30pm Channel 006

Frankie Drake Mysteries follows Toronto’s first female private detectives as they solve cases the police can’t, and other detective agencies won’t. In this second season, cases will take Frankie and her team of gal pals across prohibition-era Toronto, from renowned museums and high fashion houses, to dance halls and baseball leagues. The year is 1921 and the world is undergoing massive changes. Jazz is on the turntables as communism and prohibition are being hotly debated over hard drinks in speakeasies. Society will never be the same – and crime has never had it better. A new age calls for a new kind of detective, and the women of Drake Private Detectives fit the bill.