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House Of Teen Mums


EP_Vibe_House Of Teen Mums_March 2018

House Of Teen Mums


New Zealand Premiere

Sunday March 4th at 8.30pm Channel 006

This surprisingly heart-warming and straight-talking documentary is based in a young persons’ hostel full of teen mums and their babies.

Sassy, outspoken, and keen to challenge the stereotypes, each mum has a different story to tell but all of them have one thing in common - they were all homeless before they got a place at the hostel. One mum’s ‘baby father’ is in prison, another lost her job and her flat when she got pregnant, another teen is still working hard to co-parent with her boyfriend when they are still only kids themselves.

Shot over several months, this observational documentary charts the mums’ journey towards independence. It captures the ups and downs of day-to-day life when you have ten young mums and their babies all living in close proximity.