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Inside the Ambulance S5


EP_Vibe_Inside the Ambulance_August 2019

Inside the Ambulance S5

EP_Vibe_Inside the Ambulance_Primary

New Zealand Premiere

Sundays 8.30pm Channel 006

We’re out on shift with some familiar friends and we meet a number of new faces too. Paramedics from the West Midlands Ambulance Service wear body-mounted cameras, taking us right to the heart of the action. As well as revealing everything that happens as they respond to 999 calls - from overdoses to bumps on the head - their cameras also capture their candid conversations between call-outs. In this new series we follow the team as they deal with everything from seizures and sepsis to car crashes and post-operative complications. Jump on board and watch these wonderful paramedics display expertise, resilience, emotion and strength in a job that few people could ever handle.