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EP_VIBE_Jericho_September 2019




Wednesdays from 25 September 8.30pm Channel 006

Yorkshire, 1874. Penniless widow Annie Quaintain (Jessica Raine; Call The Midwife, Patrick Melrose) and her two children are kicked out of their home and forced to start a new life in Jericho, a remote shanty town in the rugged Yorkshire Dales.  Jericho is home to a community of navvies, pioneers, prostitutes and vagabonds who live and die in the shadow of the viaduct they’re there to build.  Rough and rustic, yet with a carnival-like atmosphere, it’s where people with secrets can hide, and love can flourish against all odds.


Visually striking, this epic drama series follows the creation of a community from nothing and the human stories of survival that emerge.