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May Documentary Season


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May Documentary Season

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NZ and Channel Premieres

Sundays from 5 May 8.30pm Channel 006

School for Stammerers (New Zealand Premiere)

A life-altering undertaking

School for Stammerers, follows the emotional journey of six individuals as they attempt to achieve the one thing that could change their lives – control over their stammer. A lorry driver, a teacher, a pharmacist, a professional photographer, and two school boys have all agreed to undergo a course that claims it can transform a stammerer’s speech in just four days.

Sunday 5th May at 8.30pm


30 Inches Tall and Turning 18 (New Zealand Premiere)

Embracing life and making plans

Teenager Georgia Rankin is the height of the average two year old and this rite of passage film follows her from her 18th to her 19th birthday. At just 76cm tall, she’s charismatic, charming and happy, despite suffering constant pain in her joints. Georgia travels to America to meet a medical expert in dwarfism with the hopes of finally getting her condition diagnosed. 

Sunday 12th May at 8.30pm


All in the Mind (Channel Premiere)

Men vs Women Brains

Brain research is a dynamic discipline making breakthroughs and discoveries at a startling rate, though strangely there is less really good science on the difference between men and women than you might think. With lots of easy-to-use information, dynamic experiments and real-life wisdom, Kiwi neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis seeks to answer a classic question: do men and women think differently? And if they do, is it because of physical differences in the brain’s structure? 

Sunday 19th May at 8.30pm


I Do At 92 (New Zealand Premiere)

Here comes the bride and groom.

Up and down the UK, people are proving you’re never too old to say ’I Do’. We follow three couples that are not your usual newlyweds, who believe that no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to find and celebrate love. This heart-warming documentary follows couples in their seventies, eighties and nineties who are tying the knot, capturing their excitement while they face the realities of what their future holds. Time is of the essence and they know they want to make a new commitment for love. Love knows no barriers in this documentary.

Sunday 26th May at 8.30pm