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Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries


EP_Vibe_Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries, July 2019

Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries

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New Zealand Premiere

Tuesdays from 2 July 7.30pm Channel 006

Summoned from her coastal home to claim her rightful inheritance, the unstoppable Peregrine Fisher manages to make her way into her Aunt Phryne’s old seat at the coveted Adventuresses club after a series of trials designed to test her skills and moral fibre.  Armed with Phryne’s old pearl-handled revolver, Peregrine dives headfirst into the murder investigation of Barbie Jones – a glamorous model who was found dead, perched on top of a designer wedding cake prop during a fashion parade by respected designer and much-loved Adventuress, Florence Astor. Having charmed the Adventuresses, Peregrine must now prove her worth to D.I. James Steed, a dashingly handsome by-the-books law man who doesn’t appreciate Peregrine’s daring habit of bending the rules.


Starring: Geraldine Hakewill (Wanted) Joel Jackson (Deadline Gallipoli) and Catherine McClements (Water Rats)