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Murder In Mind


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Murder In Mind

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Channel Premiere

Mondays 8.25pm Channel 006

Created by Anthony Horowitz (Hercule Poirot, Midsomer Murders) Murder in Mind is a seven-part anthology with a homicidal theme and each episode is a wholly self-contained story. Some murderers get away with their crimes while others feel the full force of the law. The guilty parties demonstrate a kaleidoscope of human emotion after committing their deeds: anger, hatred, bitterness, remorse, guilt, horror; a roller-coaster of emotions as each episode drives towards its inevitable conclusion. Season one will cover stories dealing with accidental murder, contract killing, euthanasia, revenge and even a sleepwalker who knows she has done something but not what or to whom! We will have plenty of dramatic Murder in Mind episodes on Vibe with seasons two and three to follow.


Starring: Timothy West (Ever After) David Suchet (Hercule Poirot) Susannah Harker (Pride and Prejudice) Kevin Whately (Inspector Morse) and Vibe favourite Keeley Hawes (The Durrells, Bodyguard.)