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My Millionaire Dads and Me


EP_Vibe_My Millionaire Dads and Me_March 2018

My Millionaire Dads and Me


New Zealand Premiere

Sunday March 11 at 8.30pm Channel 006

This documentary is about the Drewitt-Barlows – notorious as Britain’s first gay surrogate parents, and how they parent children who have access to riches beyond most people’s dreams. It’s a family for whom spending £30,000 on a 16th birthday party is nothing, and the ideal 16th birthday present is a brand new Porsche. We look at how this family parent teenagers who have it all, but want more. It’s fascinating viewing, but there’s also a serious concern and discussion around the pressures these young people face from the unforgiving view of social media – possibly made worse because they have the lives that others want.