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Posh Pawn S4


EP_Vibe_Posh Pawn S4_Feb 2018

Posh Pawn S4


New Zealand Premiere

Fridays at 8.30pm Channel 006

The world of high-end pawnbroking is revealed with unprecedented access to the industry’s experts and extraordinary clients. With unimaginable and hugely valuable items bursting through the doors, the series reveals that when it comes to upmarket pawn, everyone has a story to tell.
But just how valuable are these valuables? That remains the big question for Prestige. For some lucky clients it’s life-changing news as their precious items are worth jaw-dropping sums. But big sums also mean big risks and clients sometimes struggle to pay back their loans, risking losing their beloved possessions.
Across the series, we’ll see a colossal World War 2 boat, a rare Porsche with a sky’s-the-limit price tag and a bag owned by Sharon Osbourne. We’ll also hop over to Marbella to see glamorous owners and their super cars. But it’s not all flash and fascinating. We’ll see how the team deal with the everyday perils of the pawnbroking business – from defaulting loans to the tricky customers.