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When I Grow Up


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When I Grow Up

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New Zealand Premiere

Saturdays from 6 July 7.30pm Channel 006

Bosses of three of Britain’s biggest businesses will take an extraordinary leap of faith – allowing a group of 7 to 9 year kids to take over a part of their company for a week and allow them free reign to run it. The kids will be running a chocolate company, a high end estate agent, and one of the UK’s most recognised celebrity magazines in the hope that their brief experience of adulthood will open their eyes to a bigger world and give them the confidence they’ll need in years to come, when they come to decide what they want to do for a living. The kids will come from a broad range of backgrounds, and taking on real jobs with real responsibilities, including cutting six figure property deals, creating and selling new product lines in a factory and running an edition of one of Britain’s best known magazines, interviewing celebrities and even meeting royalty.