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Kentucky Ayahuasca



Kentucky Ayahuasca

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Wednesdays at 8.20pm Channel 013

An exclusive look into the world of an Ayahuasca shaman, Steve Hupps, and the people who seek his help in the most unlikely of places - deep in the bible belt of Kentucky, U.S.A. Shaman Steve's church is forced to hold their Ayahuasca ceremonies in secret locations as religious zealots threaten to disrupt their work. Ayahuasca is a brew (infused with a plant found in the Amazon) that has psychedelic effects similar to LSD. It is used in traditional spritual medicinal ceremonies among the indigenous people of the Amazon, and is believed by many to have healing properties. Shaman Steve uses Ayahuasca ceremonies as part of the work his church does to support and heal those seeking help from sex addiction, opiate addiction, PTSD, childhood trauma and depression.