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Your Guide to Watching the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers LIVE:

The Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup is drawing closer - and this week's international window sees footballing nations from around the world going toe-to-toe in the hopes of securing their place at next year's prestigious event.

There are some absolute blockbusters coming up - and we've got your guide to catching as many Qualifiers as you can LIVE across our SKY Sport, ESPN* and beIN SPORT** channels.

*SKY Sport, ESPN, ESPN2 and WatchESPN are available to all SKY Sport subscribers: 
More details on access on how to access WatchESPN | WatchESPN FAQS
**The beIN Sports channels are available to all beIN SPORTS subcribers. 

Friday 1 September

France v Netherlands – 6.30am on ESPN 2
Venezuela v Colombia – 8.55am on beIN SPORTS 2
Uruguay v Argentina – 10.55am on beIN SPORTS 2 & ESPN 2
Brazil v Ecuador – 12.55pm on ESPN 2
Peru v Bolivia – 2.10pm on beIN SPORTS 2
All Whites v Solomon Islands – 7.00pm on SKY Sport 3
Online Only
Luxembourg v Belarus – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Portugal v Faroe Islands – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Bulgaria v Sweden – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Cyprus v Bosnia-Herzegovina – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Greece v Estonia – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Switzerland v Andorra – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Hungary v Latvia – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Portugal v Faroe Islands – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Belgium v Gibraltar – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Chile v Paraguay – 10.25am on beIN SPORTS CONNECT

Saturday 2 September

Kazakhstan v Montenegro – 3.50am on ESPN 2
Malta v England – 6.35am on ESPN 2
Online Only
Czech Republic v Germany – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Denmark v Poland – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Norway v Azerbaijan – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Slovakia v Slovenia – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Romania v Armenia – 6.35am on WatchESPN
USA v Costa Rica – 10.30am on WatchESPN
Trinidad & Tobago v Honduras – 11.55am on WatchESPN
Mexico v Panama – 1.25pm on WatchESPN

Sunday 3 September

Georgia v Republic of Ireland – 3.50am on ESPN 2
Spain v Italy – 6.35am on ESPN 2
Online Only
Albania v Liechtenstein – 3.50am on WatchESPN
Finland v Iceland – 3.50am on WatchESPN
Serbia v Moldova – 3.55am on WatchESPN
Wales v Austria – 6.35am on WatchESPN

Monday 4 September

Belarus v Sweden – 3.50am on ESPN 2
Hungary v Portugal – 6.35am on ESPN 2
Online Only
Netherlands v Bulgaria – 3.50am on WatchESPN
Greece v Belgium – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Latvia v Switzerland – 6.35am on WatchESPN

Tuesday 5 September

Azerbaijan v San Marino – 3.50am on ESPN 2
England v Slovakia – 6.35am on ESPN 2
Solomon Islands v All Whites – 2.50pm on SKY Sport 1
Online Only
Armenia v Denmark – 3.50am on WatchESPN
Germany v Norway – 6.35am on WatchESPN

Wednesday 6 September

Moldova v Wales – 6.35am on ESPN 2
Colombia v Brazil – 8.25am on beIN SPORTS 2
Argentina v Venezuela – 11.25am on beIN SPORTS 2
Online Only
Turkey v Croatia – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Austria v Georgia – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Liechtenstein v Spain – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Italy v Israel – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Republic of Ireland v Serbia – 6.35am on WatchESPN
Bolivia v Chile – 7.55am on beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Ecuador v Peru – 8.55am on beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Honduras v USA – 9.30am on WatchESPN
Paraguay v Uruguay – 11.55am on beIN SPORTS CONNECT
Panama v Trinidad & Tobago – 2.00pm on WatchESPN

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