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Killer Whales: The Mega Hunt


Killer Whales: The Mega Hunt


Friday 19 May 7.30pm Channel 076

On the southern tip of Africa, lie the waters of False Bay, a marine paradise which each year is home to an extraordinary spectacle as thousands of sea creatures make the ocean boil with white water as they race across the bay.

It’s fight or flight as a pod of killer whales, the ocean’s fastest and most fearsome predators, hunt these 5,000 common dolphins in this high speed relentless chase. It’s the T-Rex of the modern world versus the dolphin super pod, but why and how is it happening?

Heading right into the centre of this hunt is a team of experts determined to keep up with the frenzy, and capture this incredible event for the first time on film. Employing the very latest in camera technology, from high-speed cameras to aerial drones, they’ll hope to gain a deeper insight into why this high-energy, explosive event is happening in this location.