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Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct Or Alive


Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct Or Alive


Thursday 26 January 8.30pm Channel 076

It happens all the time. Something that we thought was gone reappears in a location it was never supposed to be. These animals are referred to as "lazarus species". The last known recorded footage of the Tasmanian Tiger was taken in 1933, at the Hobart Zoo. Also known as the Thylacine, it is one of the most amazing and terrifying creatures that has ever lived. The Tasmanian Tiger was declared extinct 80 years ago, yet sightings are still being reported. 

Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante, anthropologist MaryAnn Ochota and legendary thylacine tracker Nick Mooney venture into Tasmania's undeveloped wilderness to search for one of the most unique and terrifying creatures ever to walk the earth. 

Tasmania is home to 67,000 square kilometres of rugged terrain, much of which is uninhabited, and unexplored. Is the Tasmanian Tiger really extinct? Or is it just hiding from mankind to save itself?