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World's Deadliest Drivers


World's Deadliest Drivers


Thursdays from 2 February 9.30pm Channel 075

This exciting new series sees dash-cam, head-cam and smart phone footage from across the globe used to expose the hilarious, outrageous and hazardous escapades of the World’s Deadliest Drivers.

There are over 1.2 billion cars licenses on the world’s roads today, so perhaps it’s unsurprising that there are some drivers that have had some incredibly dramatic near misses.

Dash-cams are now regularly capturing the craziest characters out on our streets and this series brings these reckless road users to global notoriety. These incidents caught on camera are being passed on to police to help convict dangerous drivers, but more often than not, they bear witness to the daily antics that unfold on our roads.

Whether it’s the wannabe boy racer who flips his car trying a handbrake turn, the road-rager who punches his own windscreen in, or the oblivious pedestrian who doesn’t realise just how close they came to being road kill… tune in to see it all!